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Hi all, 2 posts on consecutive days – go me! Regular subscribers know me by now and know what I’m trying to do but for new readers, the following post will give you some really […]

Wow, how bad am I….raving about posting once a day, then in my last post saying I’m trying to get closer to one a day than one a week….then waiting almost a month before my […]

The Spell of Repetition

Hi all, not sure of the purpose of this post but I just felt compelled to chunter for a bit as I think it’s been a really interesting day (few days really). And I wanted […]

My mainstay – The Aloe Hive

Hi all, finally got round to sorting out my first subsection and it’s an important one. As the 1st of my 52 business ideas to be launched this year, it really needs to succeed. It […]

Fun in the snyag!

Hey all, we’ve had an untypically mild winter which means when some snow did come the boys were itching to get out there with the sledges we bought some weeks back. It’s been merciful though […]

So here’s the Master Plan!

Hi all, sorry it’s been a while coming I’ve been putting some exciting stuff in place to launch the blog properly beyond the preliminary stuff you’ve all seen. But we’re about to launch into the […]

Who lives in a house like this!

Here it is, my first video by way of introduction to both my YouTube channel and Bulgaria. Big thanks to Claire for letting me post it….it doesn’t show her house in the best light […]

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