Here it is…..idea number 1 of 52

So when I say ‘Idea’ I mean….this is an idea that I am going through with.That’s true for all 52 I plan to release by the end of the year – the crux of this exercise is to demonstrate that anybody can pursue an idea, or dream, and make something cool happen. They don’t have to settle for whatever frustrations they currently put up with in regards to jobs or money. I’ve always said to people who say to me, why don’t you just get your head down and work hard….”what…..9 – 5 for the next 40 years!? I’d rather die”. Always the drama queen, but it’s true….if other people don’t work til they’re 65 and other people retire early, and most people are stupid – compared to me who’s a frikkin jeenious ;-), why the heck do I have to settle for this. I want some of what they’ve got. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a family and I’ve had to get my head down to put bread on the table, it’s irresponsible not to, but I’ve always done it with the goal of moving on…or up. Even if it’s using the quid I’ve got left over after all the bills I’ve paid to buy a scratchcard….even if it’s using the new credit limit I got given cos I’ve paid bills like a good boy to buy an old car to sell for a profit. Dare I say it, even if I’ve ‘postponed’ a particular bill so I can have a punt on something I’ve been mulling over. ‘Speculate to Accumulate’ will always be my mantra.

So my latest speculation has been SteveHax and while that was all developing as a concept in my head, someone put this idea in front of me and it all clicked in to place with the blog’s aim. Offline and Online money-making ideas spanning across multiple sectors. But in order to speculate, you need to have some spare dough right? No good sitting there dreaming, but being all in with this Bulgaria thing, I couldn’t just go out and get a job and use the money from that. I needed a crutch to support all my other meanderings – a reliable source of income. I knew it had to be online cos…Bulgaria…..and knew I didn’t have the budget to create a product from scratch (altho, more on that in later posts, I have received some great coaching that could help in that regard).

So this random contacted me, like, full on spammed me via facebook, she was the partner¬†of an old school friend who I’d not spoken to in 15 years beyond the odd ‘like’ on each others posts. He wasn’t even my best friend, he was this nutty Jack Dee type dude and I was a grubby chav but we got on so it’s all cool – I digress. She told me about a company operating in what’s gonna be the next TRILLION dollar industry with like 1.4¬†BILLION turnover. Now that last sentence is important….not cos it’s headline figures to make the reader go ‘woooo’ – but because it’s irrelevant what the product or opportunity is. If you want a piece of it, if that sounds like something that could help you if you were a part of it…..then nothing else matters…unless you’re selling your soul or values obviously.

Now being a hipsterey type I thought I would be selling my soul with this at first, but once I got over myself I thought do you know what….these are really great products, I think they can help people, I think I could sell them. I think I could train others to sell them, people have always said I’m good at training in my previous jobs. All the work was done, I just had to follow the method – I needed this in my life…if SteveHax fails epically this can be my fall back. It was like being head hunted in a way, despite not being my ‘dream’ job. Who’s needed a job and applied for anything going and blagged how ‘interested’ they are in the company on the application letter? This is no different……’s an opportunity that if I get stuck into, and put the effort in, it should yield the same results as the people who have gone before. It’s certainly my dream lifestyle…flexible hours, work from home, sky’s the limit…all that jazz. So here goes…

The industry…? Health and Wellness.

The Company? Forever Living.

The Products? Pretty much everything….Aloe Vera based, with some Bee Pollen related add-ins – including the most googled diet of 2014 (Clean 9 if you’ve heard of it). They have everything from weight loss, to beauty and some genuine products with pretty amazing results in terms of ailments and illnesses….like thousands of people using them when the doctor ran out of ideas. Eczema, IBS, Joint Pain, Blood Pressure, even Fertility. Putting aside some of the stigma attached to that industry, that’s some pretty cool products.

Now….before you all sigh angrily, unsubscribing in disgust – this isn’t an exercise in putting these products in front of you and bagging some customers. This is designed to introduce one of many ways, I feel I can generate an income. I do like it however, because my friends can have a piece of it too….if you want to have a blast at it yourself, you can. There’s like millions of distributors making everything from a couple of hundred to thousands every month. I just watched a (free) training session from a woman who was virtually agoraphobic as recently as December 2013 but now earns 6 figures. I only need a few hundred to survive out here in BG but heck if it works, I’ll put the effort in and try and make it big. If it doesn’t…I have another plan for next week – whilst seeing this one through obviously.

If you’re not a total cynic like…the universe…it seems, please have a look at the facebook page I set up at this whole thing does genuinely excite me….maybe I’m gullible. Either way I’m gonna message all 400 of my friends on facebook to see if there’s anything they can relate to with this venture of mine.

More generic thoughts and vids to come throughout the week as promised yesterday so subscribe to the blog, comment, join the stevehax facebook page etc.



So after 7 years of corporate marketing, 1 year attempting to emmigrate, and 5 years of self-employment I moved out to Bulgaria in an attempt to retire. It didn't work...yet. Now I'm on the road back to financial security, so I can get on with finishing my dream home here in Bulgaria. This blog will hopefully detail the steps I take to achieve that goal and share with my readers how they could take similar steps if they want....without the backward ones I have taken.

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