Idea 2 of 52 – and how I evolve ideas into big plans!

If-you-want-to-succeed-rockefellerHey all, here I am again at bedtime, determined to at least attempt to post with a frequency, closer to the once a day I targetted, than once a week.

As you may know from this article about my masterplan, I plan to do 52 product or business ideas in 12 months and a month ago, I sat down to see how many I could write down off the bat  and came up with them all in 30 mins…just like that. So I put them all down in a spreadsheet and I have them all there in front of me so I can target my blog posting activity around it. Often Blogs can be a bit spur of the moment – like my last one that I had no idea what it’s purpose was….until I’d finished writing it – but this list I now have gives me great stepping stones and highlights if you like that I can build my whole blog around.

What was also strange is that I didn’t do it as a mind-map, which I know is a strategy lots employ, I did it as a list. So literally started at week 1 and thought about what was achievable with my ‘meager’ resources (read none) then on to week 2 also not expecting to have turned a profit yet. Then by the time I get to week 7-8 I predict I’ll have a bit of revenue so can try something that requires a little capital and so on until big plans in the latter part of the year. What quickly unfolded, was basically a business plan…or growth strategy that naturally complimented and supported itself within realistic expectations. A further knock on effect of this is, by thinking of the bigger picture (before dreams and aspirations), I could see the stepping stones to  those dreams and ultimately a lifestyle I crave for my family. Tangible proof, that all the nay-sayers and loved ones who give you that sympathetically supportive smile – but really think you’re crazy (partly cos I am generally speaking, granted) – could be proved wrong.

So that brings me onto this next plan….we went round for dinner with a good friend here in Bulgaria who started out as the guy doing my rewire before we really clicked as he was an ideas man too. We’d had a Dowhatyoucanpretty rough week so we were glad of a Sunday roast and some good company in a proper house…and I was looking forward to sharing some of the tiny spring of inspiration that had begun to bubble after some coaching I had received a few days earlier (blog coming soon on that). Now, they run a successful relocation service for people moving to Bulgaria and they asked me if I wanted to get involved as they couldn’t cover my area very well. All I’d have to do is take some pictures and show clients round a few houses and I could share some of the commission. What could be simpler than that I thought, I can do that and idea 2 of 52 was born BUT…..

I had been itching to get on and blog about the idea as it was a fairly straight forward concept albeit a lesson in open-mindedness – as this whole blog intends to be-  and I didn’t want it to be anti-climactic for you lovely readers. My friends however have been snowed under with work,  and haven’t got the details over to me of how it will work exactly. This left me time to think though, and my last post will teach you that this always yields an elaborate scheme or plan. I had already thought my friends could be doing more to drive traffic and monetize their business and I already have idea 3, 4 and 5 in place to aide this, but a lot of what I wanted to do was traffic generation and targetting in relation to what I could offer to them if they let me on-board as discussed. Sooo, I came up with a plan that could implement all of this and achieve the original objective of selling a few houses on the side without stepping on my friends’ toes. I would create a website that did the traffic generation and targetting for them while pushing customers their way and my way on a larger scale. I can list all their properties for free, give them free upgrades to the site while monetising other elements with value-added services and picking up my own income streams off the back of it.

“Genius!” I hear you cry….”except that you’ve effectively copied a million other business models you complete fraud” But that’s the thing, Anthony Robbins says this “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same resultsTheodore Roosevelt said this “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” and the world is full of examples both inside and outside of business where an idea has been replicated, tweaked, and improved upon, to produce results that the ‘copycat’ has benefited from greatly. Now for the sake of balance John D Rockerfeller – arguably the richest dude in history – said this “If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success“, and I love that concept – hence this crazy blog – but it does come back to Theodore’s stance. I can only work with what I’ve got right now but believe me, I’ve tried and will carry on trying to reinvent the wheel or implement real change in the world around me but first I need to secure the family’s future…or I’m gonna get dumped…I’m sure of it.

But, hopefully you can see that essentially the same thing has happened with this idea, as happened with the whole masterplan… What started out as a very small, almost containing, idea to generate some extra sheckles has grown into something biggecrowoneaglesbacktonyrobbinsr. Now it’s a website to help my friends and wait, while I’m at it, I may as well target other people in other areas doing similar things. Heck – I’ll employ a Bulgarian to canvass every estate agent in Bulgaria….and beyond why not….and get them listing on our site. It kind of doesn’t matter, because mine will be better, but I called a Bulgarian friend up to check what was available at the moment by way of competition, he linked me to a very official looking site that sort of does the same thing, but it’s in Bulgarian, and the front page has more general news stories than awesomely cheap dream properties in a corner of heaven they call Bulgaria. A corner of heaven they call…your next home. A corner of heaven they call your dreams and aspirations. Can you guess what domain we registered within 24 hours of the plan coming together?

Within a further 24 hours – mainly while I was sleeping (too much nocturnal blogging) – my AWESOME nephew, created what will become the slickest site for showcasing dream properties, in Bulgaria and beyond. As of now I am technically in the real estate business and doing alright with no hefty losses to date (Cameron – said nephew – hasn’t sent me his bill yet mind). Now this is going to be very buggy for a while yet while we smooth things out but I’m really excited about this idea. I’ve always loved real estate, architecture and interior design so I think it will be good fun regardless of how close to world domination we get. Right now, you could technically buy my house as it’s the first upload on to the site and it sits in a template next to a load of Hollywood ‘demo houses’ but wouldn’t look out of place with a little photoshopping. See what you think It is VERY sketchy as of now, nothing more than a front page as we literally published this test page this morning..wait yesterday morning, crap, it’s 6.30am already. G’night all.

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So after 7 years of corporate marketing, 1 year attempting to emmigrate, and 5 years of self-employment I moved out to Bulgaria in an attempt to retire. It didn't work...yet. Now I'm on the road back to financial security, so I can get on with finishing my dream home here in Bulgaria. This blog will hopefully detail the steps I take to achieve that goal and share with my readers how they could take similar steps if they want....without the backward ones I have taken.


  1. You do have an amazing nephew yes, he’s almost a perfect example of a human being.

    • stvc

      Hmm he does have rage issues…and his cynicism may be his downfall BUT he is super fly.

  2. I’ll be interested to see how the website develops. Plenty of potential especially if not many are doing that sort of thing over there. RightMove eat your heart out 🙂

    • stvc

      Yeah I said to my nephew So Cam….how easy is it do create rightmove for my website in Bulgaria….apparently not too easy – I was hoping you could view source code, copy and paste, jobs a goodun lol.

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