New Arrivals and getting back to focus

Wow, how bad am I….raving about posting once a day, then in my last post saying I’m trying to get closer to one a day than one a week….then waiting almost a month before my next post. Epic blinking fail!!

I’ve got this weird glitch in my mentality whereby if I decide on a course of action, I work out the steps I need to get from A to B which is usually a good thinIMAG0372g. Methodical is usually a good thing in staying focussed….but what I have is a terrible lack of flexibility. If I can’t make the next step for what ever reason, I’m like a rabbit in headlights and generally do nothing more until that step I need in my mind is complete. So I know the next 3 posts I want to make as I said in my last post BUT, my next post was meant to be ‘New Arrivals’ and in order to do the ‘New Arrivals’ post I wanted to a) wait to see if my cat was pregnant and b) wait for good weather to photograph my new car so I could post pics on this post lol.

That was what I was getting at when I said, “…puppies and much, much more -_-…”. I actually meant, puppies, a new car and omg I can’t actually believe my cat got spayed at 5 months despite the vets reluctance but pregnant at 4 months,  and now we’ve got unwanted puppies AND unwanted kittens. Thank flip though, the latter didn’t happen – it must have been some phantom pregnancy thing as she got really fat, started nesting, her nipples were swollen and she started meowing for no reason. I knew dogs could have phantom pregnancies – sometimes they even start to lactate apparently – but not cats.

Brownie and Whitebelly being OMG SO CUTE!Anyway, guess what!!? We’ve had crap weather for the last 3 weeks or when it was good the new car was getting fixed so couldn’t photograph it….so my whole blogging world basically stood still for 3 weeks cos of the weird glitch I was describing – Pathetic right? It’s terrible though cos I have it other walks of life too, like I won’t do a certain job on the house because the ‘plan’ was to do these other jobs first and something’s gone wrong with that part of the plan, or I prefer to do nothing if I can’t do what I wanted to do on the full scale of my ambition…rather than just doing a scaled down version. This basically makes me a rubbish DIYer, shit husband, Frustrating friend (I will literally avoid my besties unless I have some progress to report) and all round muppet….mother’s day went badly this year, as did valentine’s day and my darling wife saved Christmas last year by planning ahead and getting some pressies while we still had a few sheckles. Really need to sort myself out in that department.

Anyway, enough about my character flaws and blogger failings – at least y’all know I’m real :-). That will play in to my hands in the long run I hope when I need credibility round about idea 24 of 52 perhaps. How’s about these new arrivals? So the car I mentioned above was a direct swap for an old Audi A6 I bought over to Bulgaria. I used it a bit and then when trying to set a new time record between two places local to me….I ‘missed’ a mahoosive pot hole in the road – well more like a crater actually – and by ‘missed’ I mean missed it before my eyes and absolutely tonked it with my car. Two cracked alloys later and a delay in moving out here, coupled with a shortage of funds, meant it was left in a friends garden (Sorry Marcie) for the best part of 2 years and needed quite a lot of reinstatement work before I felt able to rely on it again. So when this Bulgarian ‘Classic’ was offered in exchange, I knew that the Audi would be worth more in the long run, so in spite of the work required the swapper got a good deal and I got a car that I could run to the shops with straight away – everyone wins. Plus it’s a lot more interesting than an Audi estate.

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So you know it as a Lada, I know it as a 1984 Vaz 2106. For the car geeks among you, it was based on a Fiat 124 and was built by Russian firm VAZ, under the brand name Lada from 1976 right through to 2001. To cope with the dodgy Russian roads (and Bulgarian ones – as we’ve learnt) they made it with thicker steel and beefed up suspension components so it didn’t break. I like it cos it’s yellow, Bulgarian, non-conformist, has go faster stripes, is gas converted (40p a litre yes please) and best of all…it has a frikking cherry bomb exhaust (I’ll upgrade those last 3 words to link to a you tube vid asap as I’m guessing not many people have heard a Lada with a cherry bomb on it haha). How long it will last however remains to be seen as it’s très rusty and could fall apart at any moment I suspect, you can see the rivetted plates covering up the worst of the holes but the rust-worm has well and truly taken hold. Still, I’ll be in a Mustang this time next year I hope – if I can stop being a pleb and holding myself back with stupid methodicalness.

Talking of things that are so fugly they’re cute and awesome, and to counteract the macho car banter above….how’s the puppies doing? Most of you saw here that we had 4 new arrivals in dramatic fashion 5 weeks ago and they’re also a reason for the slow down here if I’m being kind to myself. Well I’m pleased to say that they’re all fit and well and those of you who are friends with me on facebook will have seen a fairly constant IMAG0335_1stream of wrinkly photos. We have also found a great home for ‘Sandy Dog’ who starred in the cover pic of the post introducing the puppies. She is now ‘Chuckles’ and is going to live with a great couple who are moving out to BG in July. This is cool as we get to keep her a while and enjoy her cuteness then give her away just before she trashes our house and becomes her irritating mother.

At the moment we have two possible interested parties in the remaining three but really looking to find homes for them in the next month or so. We are selling them for 500 bulgarian lev which is roughly £180 and donating half of the money to a dog rescue charity  here in Bulgaria. This will hopefully weed out the people who can’t provide the best environment for these little cuties as it’s a really hard thing to do finding homes for these fragile little monsters with so many bad dog owners about. Puppies will have pet passports so could be bought back to the UK or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Considering a pedigree example would be anywhere between 500 and 1000 pounds – 180 seems like value even with the inbreeding issue I explained about in the intro post. Message me if you can help please for sure.

IMAG0367So here we have from left to right ‘Diamondey’ aka Olive (the licklest), ‘Sandy Dog’ aka Chuckles (the sandy one), ‘Brownie’ aka Cocoa (Hmmm the green one) and ‘White Belly’ aka Willow (the fattest). Had a bit of a scare the other day when we found what we thought migIMAG0357ht be testicles on one of our girls but turns out they’re likely to be small bilateral hernias that they might grow out of, or it’s a simple procedure for the vet…we’ll find out more on Monday. But other than that, we’re well into the weaning process and they took their first steps in the garden today – which I should have taken pics off….maybe I should delay publishing this post until i get that picIDIOT!!! NO!. As yo can see from the gallery below though, they’re absolutely gorgeous and yes it’s stressful but it’s been a lifelong ambition to bring up a litter of puppies so although it’s FAR from ideal timing, at least it’s another bucket list thing done and dusted so ever cloud has a silver lining for sure. Think that’s it though for today – back in the game now though for sure, another little behind the blog post for you. The next post will be about the awesome coaching course I took that fired me up to take action on this whole SteveHax gig….and will be less than 2 weeks in the making as no photos are required :-).

Take care all, subscribe to the blog for updates on my 52 ideas thing join the facebook SteveHax group for more banter and like the page for slimmed down updates on the blog’s progress. Steve Out.

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So after 7 years of corporate marketing, 1 year attempting to emmigrate, and 5 years of self-employment I moved out to Bulgaria in an attempt to retire. It didn't work...yet. Now I'm on the road back to financial security, so I can get on with finishing my dream home here in Bulgaria. This blog will hopefully detail the steps I take to achieve that goal and share with my readers how they could take similar steps if they want....without the backward ones I have taken.

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