The Spell of Repetition

Hi all, not sure of the purpose of this post but I just felt compelled to chunter for a bit as I think it’s been a really interesting day (few days really). 4 Shar-Pei sisters snuggling up for sleepAnd I wanted to show off some more cute puppy pics (but have since decided to give them their own entry tomorrow). It’s been a day that should have ended in a pit of despair having started brightly and gone downhill – it certainly would usually – but for some reason it hasn’t. I’m not sure if it’s because the wriggly little monsters provide a constant source of joy or, the ideas I’ve been working on while confined to the bedroom puppy sitting, are so exciting….even if they are yet to yield results.

I had stayed up all night finishing the script and putting everything in place for my online launch of The Aloe Hive. It took a long time as I wanted to really showcase 20 products from the vast range of over 300 solutions as well as engage the participants with some quiz games. I sourced and resized all the pictures and put them all in a presentation so I could literally copy and paste all the copy in to the launch.

Tip: I prefer to work with presentation software (open office) for this type of stuff as I can drag text boxes and picture boxes all over the place to make everything fit without the jack-in-abox experience pictures and Microsoft Word inevitably brings.

It took about 9 hours solid, by the time I had finished it all but, although it was a bit repetitive, I really enjoyed creating it. I am learning that about myself, I do quite like a bit of repetition. Even the exhilarating stint of temp work I did recently……….in an aluminium bending factory, was quite therapeutic at times.

One of my favorite dance records is by ‘Hot Chip’ and has a lyric “over and over and over and over, like a monkey with a miniature symbol, the spell of repetition really is on you” and I wonder if it really is on me. Maybe I keep making the same mistakes, maybe my love of dance music and Drum n’ Bass has numbed my brain, but I think I may be able to harness it to my advantage. As long as it has a purpose – a crescendo, or sense of accomplishment at the end – be it spending hours in Microsoft Paint touching up an image pixel by pixel, or following through on one of my favorite concepts…’rinse and repeat’ – if the goal is clear, then crack on. I think it’s because I’m a thinker (haha) and repetitive tasks give me space to do just that. I don’t do much stuff well in practice (like construct sentences)….but I do think my plans and schemes – albeit backed by an optimists sense of invincibility – are often impressive concoctions of the mind. So if even slight realization can occur the results should be…impressive.

I digress slightly but this sense of rinse and repeat fueled my resolve to get this project done last night, and the wider belief that the master-plan is achievable. With reference to the MLM (multi-level-marketing) thing I’m doing with The Aloe Hive, in order to make it work inside the framework of 52 business ideas in 12 months I need it to be automated as much as possible. I don’t plan to do endless table-top sales and wedding fayres…..I want to concentrate on the simple 3-step process that got me involved in the business and replicate that in order to do the same in my own recruitment. Alongside killer resources I spend hours creating, I want to make the relationship between myself and my team as low-maintenance as possible. This should allow me to concentrate on the other things I have planned, but still be there with solid and comforting advice in the event of a training need. I have all the time in the world for a facebook chat or a skype session – it doesn’t really hold me up with what else I’m doing – but I don’t want to be held up creating or demonstrating a new strategy on the fly when a) it’s already been done successfully before and b) I have a world to dominate.

So, to the despair…. My launch went ahead as planned at 8pm but I’d already suspected an anti-climax given the weak response to my build up campaign. I was trying to target a 4000 strong expat group on facebook that everyone, here in Bulgaria, uses to buy and sell their goods and services. I theorized that if I had a shop window with 4000 people passing and a decent display, I was bound to pick up some custom. However, in reality this isn’t the case, it’s actually one shop amongst thousands of others, all vying for the attention of those same 4000 people. Usually favoring those that have paid the behemoth that is facebook I hasten to add but hey, I was trying to get some money too so I can’t judge….I also have another reason for legglessness….more in a second.

To cut a long story short, having also forgot that a very popular online quiz on another expat group was perfectly in sync with my launch, I bombed. My £300 sales target was not achieved. I actually lost around thirty quid by the time I’d done my two ‘free goodie-bag giveaways’….but, having feared the worst already, I put it down to experience and have another, safer approach to try very soon. Crucially though….the material is already in place as I described. The effort and labour I’ve put in can be replicated with no further exertions and when it works….can be repeated adding value to that one all-nighter every time. Success2This is coupled with an awesome realization about the power of the marketing plan I have in mind for this business. Using a carefully placed facebook ad (paid – hence no leg to stand on) I have managed to triple the number of likes on The Aloe Hive facebook page in UNDER 24hrs and uncover an awesome new route to market that – you guessed it – can be rinsed and repeated by me, or my team going forward. So I’m still full of belief on the program despite today’s set back. I used this picture in my launch material so it’s a nice reminder to stay focused too.

On top of this, my next business 2 of 52, which was going to be ‘Selling a few Houses in Bulgaria’ has been given a sharp slap round the head by ‘repetitive optimist’ Steve Cargill and given the world domination treatment AND leads perfectly now, into ideas 3,4 and 5 of 52….but more on that later this week. In other news, this blog post started out with the title ‘Thoughts and Meanderings’ but has now been changed to ‘The Spell of Repetition’ and I feel it better fits the objective of the blog which is to inspire and hopefully teach readers coming along….so that explains my earlier compulsion. I do need some pudding soon though, to prove my brain hasn’t been numbed! Bye for now,

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So after 7 years of corporate marketing, 1 year attempting to emmigrate, and 5 years of self-employment I moved out to Bulgaria in an attempt to retire. It didn't work...yet. Now I'm on the road back to financial security, so I can get on with finishing my dream home here in Bulgaria. This blog will hopefully detail the steps I take to achieve that goal and share with my readers how they could take similar steps if they want....without the backward ones I have taken.


  1. I’m seeing a totally different side to you Steve, its funny how you have an idea of who someone is based on the miniscule amount of time you spend with them. I realised the only thing I did know about you is that you were a thoroughly nice bloke. I have to say, I’m impressed and wish you nothing but the best.

    • stvc

      Haha yep, more to a plater than meets the eye….glad you’re enjoying the blog and it’s awesome to feel supported so thank you. I’m terrible for pigeon holing folk too but always keep an open mind even tho I’ve pigeon holed them -for now. I love facebook for that though….getting to know people without even having contact. I like people generally so stand to reason.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about repetition. Regards

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