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Hi all, finally got round to sorting out my first subsection and it’s an important one. As the 1st of my 52 business ideas to be launched this year, it really needs to succeed. It also needs to generate much needed income to help launch some of the other ideas going forward and keep the blog’s momentum. As detailed in the main blog post (see the ideas section of the site for the original entry) it is a traditional product in a traditional but growing sector and is backed by Forever Living Products….who?

Product range1Forever Living Products have been around for over 35 years originally established in the USA and current turnover is over 2.8 Billion dollars. They now have over 1.5 billion dollars in assets all over the world and operate in, what is predicted to be the next trillion dollar industry – the health, beauty and sports industry. They have products for Health, Wellness, Skincare, Weight Management, and Supplements. They even have products for animals and everyday products like Toothpaste, Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, Makeup and Hand wash. So something for every customer type. All these products are based on natural ingredients and not tested on animals. The secret behind the company’s success is the core ingredient of the bulk of it’s products – Aloe Vera (or Barbadensis Miller).

This miracle plant contains a succulent and pure inner gel that has been used for centuries to improve health and enhance beauty. What sets Forever Living Products apart from many other aloe based products is the company’s patented stabilization process. Forever’s Aloe Vera is grown, harvested, and formulated into products by Forever Living themselves, overseeing the whole supply chain and ensuring the highest standard of excellence. The use of herbicides, pesticides, pasteurization, freeze-drying and heating are all rigorously avoided so the aloe vera retains all of its beneficial properties. Finally the versatility of this product means that aloe vera can be taken as a drink or applied to the skin.

aloe-vera-skin-careStarting with 100% inner gel, Forever add just enough other ingredients to produce a wide range of outstanding products. To further supplement the range Forever have turned to another one of nature’s wonders – the humble honey bee. Using the same production ethos, they harvest honey, pollen, propolis  and royal jelly to harness the incredible properties these substances contain. The net result is an ever-evolving product range that stays ahead of the curve and is endorsed and used by millions of customers all over the world.

Now, I can talk about the products all day and I don’t consider myself a salesman, but the way Forever promote their products is a true gift and offers me an outlet in an area I do feel comfortable and passionate in. The whole motivation behind the blog…..helping people.

Avoiding the use of expensive advertising campaigns or shop displays, Forever has built it’s massive success on it’s key asset, it’s global network of independent distributors. 2.8 Billion dollars on word of mouth sales says a lot about these products and the opportunity I want to share with you all.

Anyone can buy the products, anyone can use the products and anyone can recommend the products, pretty obvious… about this though? Anyone can get a discount on the products, anyone can sell the products and anyone can take a share of over a billion dollars in profit. Even better, Forever will train you how to do all of the above and build a business to virtually any scale you want. Maybe it’s a top up to your income, maybe you want to go at it full time, or maybe you want to smash the business and live the life of your dreams. All are possible within this company’s framework and it’s really easy because of the strength of the products, you simply have to use them, experience the power of them, and recommend them. How loud you shout is up to you. So as you’re here, your journey can start with me and we can both work our way to our goals and ambitionsAloeHiveMontage7.


For the business opportunity contact me ASAP for super simple introduction to the business (it’s a simple business after all), or go to for loads of detail produced by Forever Living Products but don’t be daunted by it.

For an overview of the whole company go to (leads to the shop and business opportunity).

For the online shop and to learn more about the products go to

Also for lighter digestion, questions, prize draws and new product launches we have a facebook page here –

Of course you can comment on this post too, for the quickest, easiest way to get involved.

Thanks for reading and sharing in my excitement.


So after 7 years of corporate marketing, 1 year attempting to emmigrate, and 5 years of self-employment I moved out to Bulgaria in an attempt to retire. It didn't work...yet. Now I'm on the road back to financial security, so I can get on with finishing my dream home here in Bulgaria. This blog will hopefully detail the steps I take to achieve that goal and share with my readers how they could take similar steps if they want....without the backward ones I have taken.


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