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Hi all, 2 posts on consecutive days – go me!

Regular subscribers know me by now and know what I’m trying to do but for new readers, the following post will give you some really valuable tips including an amazing little business tweak that can double your profit in one easy process. It also gives you details and access to the most powerful training I’ve ever seen at a mad low price. Here goes…

I really wanted to put this post out there as a sort of a ‘commendation’ for this dude Alex Jeffreys who really inspired me to get cracking with this blog. If you’re interested in making money online…as I was…as I have to be ‘cos there aren’t many jobs here in Bulgaria, this guy is the shizzle. If you’re struggling with focus in any business endeavor, this guy’s course really helps cut away some of the baggage.

So how did I gain this new perspective and get stuck into the nitty gritty of ‘blogging’ for profit?

MWALvidscreenshotI had responded to an advert about making animated videos online and the info that came along with it had a video of Alex as an example of a good emotive video that you should aim to reproduce for people to gain sales. However, I was so taken by the content of the video I ended up going down a completely different path and went on to buy this guy’s course as I saw greater potential in it long term. So what was different to this guy from all the slick faces anybody who’s looked into life-coaching or making money online etc will have come across?

For starters he was from Wales here in the UK and had a fairly strong accent…but crucially here was a guy who, to me, was totally genuine. He spoke about how screwed up his life was and also some of the bad decisions he’s made but most importantly, how he never gave up and eventually found great success. Anybody who’s read this blog knows I could relate massively to this guy’s story. I felt like the video was geared directly for me….and came at the right time. The video was basically the introduction to this course he was offering at a massively discounted price. It was a series of videos taken from a year previous where he had done a 2 day residential course to would be marketers who paid thousands to be on this training but he was offering it at just $17….now I’ve long been a believer in ‘speculate to accumulate’ and whilst I don’t waste money on ‘product’ like this normally, I was in a bad place and the risk of that outlay to me, was far outweighed by the possibility of what I might learn.

The course itself is about 8 modules of about an hour long and comes with the accompanying slides from the actual event he was hosting and what’s great about it is….he tells you what he’s gonna teach you MWALcoursebefore you buy….offers you a full money back guarantee…and gives you it all at the price of a pizza – I love pizza but this seemed worth the sacrifice – cheese on toast is almost as good anyway. Being a cynic though, I had the webpage open the whole time throughout and literally checked off every point in the sales letter vs what he actually delivered. The points were specific and I could see them throughout the training – it wasn’t the usual stretch one benefit into a 10 point feature list and blag the punters, so this just built my trust up even more to the point that when he said he made 500k last year…I had no reason to doubt him.

The guy teaches in a really relaxed way and the stuff was so good I literally stayed up all night and watched 8 hours back to back just like that….I was too excited to go to bed and just wanted to keep absorbing the info, more more more. He was teaching me stuff I’ve never known before despite being around marketing for years…but the best things are the most simple. You know those things you hear and you kick yourself for not thinking of them – it’s good stuff right? So when he has something in his sales bumph that says ‘this one little trick can double you customer spend in one easy process’…. Although I was like “yeah, come on hit me with the BS unobtainable ‘trick'” at first he actually went on to deliver so I was trusting more and more in what he was saying. Check this though, by way of a teaser, here it is….he won’t mind me stealing it – probably stole it himself but fair play to him for finding his way to my  laptop screen with the same message.

Double your customer worth with one simple step… goes:

If 10 people buy your product for $1, you have an income of $10 from those ten people yes? However….by adding an additional product (upsell in marketing terms) at a 10$ price point….you only need 1 of those 10 people to find the 1$ product so good…they buy the upsell. you have 10 people buying at $1 PLUS 1 person buying at $10 so total worth from those ten people = $20. One customer making the decision to buy your upsell…and bang, your list of 10 customers and the revenue they bring is doubled just like that. Annoyingly simple right….but consider this….that example above there gives me a $3 profit over and above the $17 I invested in his course so it’s fair to say Alex, provided value. Of course, the REAL trick is making that first product so good that it over-delivers on that 1$ investment….that’s why they go for the upsell.

MWALcourse1“But I don’t know how to build a product?” I hear you say. Nor did I before I took this course….well actually I did I just didn’t believe it was that simple.  “You can’t just ‘create a 10$ product from a 1$ product just like that” you might argue. But again this course proves you can. I’ll give you a tip though, all you need to do is expand on what you’re already doing…add more value…do a tiny bit more than what you already did. I’m doing that here by putting it into a blog post instead of just telling you when I see you face to face. You see what I mean? Now you have a reference point you can refer back to – a product. Now you have a dude you can subscribe to to get more updates as I put into action the things I’ve learnt from this guy’s courses. See what I’ve done there? It’s stupidly simple and almost so blatant it’s rude but if you strip out all the cynicism and pride….you MIGHT learn something from following this blog.

Hopefully you’ve seen my previous posts so you know I’m genuine and I’m trying to carry out 52 business ideas in one year – to include online AND offline businesses to suit all tastes. If I manage it, it will be a world beating blog and I’m sure others can go on to do similar things themselves. BUT, it’s all started from this course by this one guy and developed from there so a) I have to thank him and b) I’d love anyone who’s frustrated with their current situation and interested in an online business to learn what I’ve learnt and take your own course of action to change for the better. You don’t have to do it the hard way like me, Alex and so many others either….that’s the good thing about us putting our journey out there. That’s the good thing about training courses.

MWALcourse2So check it out, it’s called Marketing With Alex Live and you can click here to go to the same video I was inspired by….see if it does it for you. Now I’m going to cover affiliate marketing in an upcoming post but I want to be transparent with you all as it’s crucial for my whole plan….to maintain credibility throughout this blog. This guy is so confident in his products and his teaching….he gives me 100% commission for anyone buying the product via this link – hardly ANYBODY does that so this guy knows he’s good – yet all I said earlier is still true…he’s down to earth and genuine and that’s the kind of teacher I want. So, if you think there’s something for you here, I will actually get the $17 not Alex….he relies on sales of his other products and his big ticket coaching programs to make his money. BUT, I wouldn’t have posted it here if it genuinely wasn’t helpful to me and the same goes for any ‘review’ type posts I do in the future….if I don’t use it, I’m not reviewing it here. Check out the following link though if you haven’t already and see for yourself. But don’t forget to subscribe to follow my journey and one day soon….I’ll be the one giving you 100% commission if you believe I’ve given you value and want to share. Heck, you can even share this post if you like it…..I’m not cool enough to start charging for my services yet though.

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Enjoy and thanks for reading!




So after 7 years of corporate marketing, 1 year attempting to emmigrate, and 5 years of self-employment I moved out to Bulgaria in an attempt to retire. It didn't work...yet. Now I'm on the road back to financial security, so I can get on with finishing my dream home here in Bulgaria. This blog will hopefully detail the steps I take to achieve that goal and share with my readers how they could take similar steps if they want....without the backward ones I have taken.


  1. Hi Steve. I must say that I would never thought of immigrating to Bulgaria. It was behind the Iron Curtain for most of my life, but I’m sure the cost of living is less than a lot of other places.

    I own Marketing with Alex, too. I haven’t gotten all the way through it. Your are right that it’s an incredible amount of training for $17. I’ll be working on it over the next couple of weeks.

    I’m glad to be getting to know you through his group – lots of go-getters there. Alex is a very inspiring person and a great example of someone who made it to the 2% only because he refused to give up.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this program.

    All the best,

    • stvc

      Hi Leslie, yep we stumbled upon Bulgaria ourselves quite by accident. But it’s got heaps of potential and yes cost of living is crazy compared to most other places in Europe and I dare say America too. We pay about 10$ for a 3 course meal and land is so cheap you can be as self sufficient as you want. Combine that with 300+ days of sun a year and good transport links with the whole continent….we feel we’re onto a winner. 🙂

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