Warning – cute content inside! – and more Bulgarian lessons

So I was awoken on Saturday morning at 7am by this, but first – in Bulgaria – Dogs are called Kuche (куче), puppies are called Kuchentse (кученце) and the word ‘Bite’ is Khapya (хапя), which is amusing cos Bite is pronounced as ‘Happy’ here, so when an old Baba (Grandma) asked you “….Kuche Happy?” I always used to be like “Da (yes) Golammo (big) Happy” – like a pigeon – with what must appear as an inane grin on my face…declaring proudly that my dog will big bite them and that’s awesome! #epicfail.

It was a mixed surprise, filled with excitement…and fear, at the same time (not a good fear). I had been working on my Aloe Vera business til 6am and just nodded off when the squeaking of puppy number 1 rose up from under the bed (dread to think how she got there). Bluebell our long loved Shar-Pei was expecting her puppies around a week later but it was an accidental conception via her Son, Bonsai, who you saw here playing in the snow last week. Long story short, the ‘kennels’ were supposed to be caring for the dogs for 2 weeks back in October when we went back to the UK – but we were stuck there for 2 months as my Dad passed away and Claire’s Dad got married….meanwhile Bluebell came into season at the kennel’s busiest time and they could not split them up allegedly…also Bluebell got really ill with her IBS so was really malnourished. So we weren’t really sure if the puppies would even arrive, let alone be born healthy – hence the surprise element.

One day old Shar-Pei

After extensive research, we realised that the puppies wouldn’t have 4 heads and 7 eyes but there could be an increased risk of inherent disease given the limited gene pool – if such disease existed in the bloodline. It is actually a practice used by professional breeders at times to bring out the best traits in a new line so we were/are hoping, Bluebell’s undernourishment aside, that this could actually turn out ok. Both dogs display very few of the common ailments affecting Shar-Peis while Bonsai’s temperament is awesome and much less aloof than most Shar-Peis are supposed to be. He is also a strong, handsome, very healthy chap. Coupled with Bluebells loyalty (albeit fierce loyalty at times), obedience, and a decent bloodline on paper, these puppies could be really good despite the obvious. So once accepting we’re not going to abort or euthanize these creatures I couldn’t help feeling a little bit excited – remembering how cute Bonsai was when he was born (that was planned).
IMAG0311Anyway, these puppies are born a week early and frankly – as you’ve seen here – we’re not really equipped for a happy house full of puppies  running around – hence the fear and apprehension going forward. But back to the other night. Six are born, 1 is born dead and 1 (the only male) died a day later….BUT fingers crossed, the other 4 are doing great and mummy is settling into a routine. The whole thing reminds me though, that regardless of how desperate a situation can appear….there is often joy to be found….and if this process of sharing brings a smile to anybody reading’s face (comments below on the grammar of that phrase please) then again, perhaps that’s the reason why some of us go through inconvenience…..maybe the art is sharing, so that one’s misery is not in vain.

IMAG0319However, whilst, Bluebell’s doing well, she still tends to sit on them or not stretch out enough so the puppies can feed – hopefully the puppies will inherit their dad’s/brother’s(eww) clever genes. He can open doors and escape almost anywhere and detect when I’m in a bad place mentally, without me telling him 🙂 and, BEFORE I start throwing things. So this leads me back to SteveHax, the ambitious project I’ve tasked myself with this year…and The Aloe Hive…..and the other 51 ideas I’ve promised.

IMAG0316I’ve been sitting, square-assed, virtually 24/7 with the puppies, helping them latch on and shuffling them from under Bluebells posterior. Pretty much unable to contact the 400 people on my ‘who do you know list’ for the Aloe Hive and unable to deliver my ‘blog a day’ IMAG0312promise…let alone work on business idea 2,3,4 and 5 of 52 (see here if you missed the master-plan)….so I feel like a bit of a fraud. I will get back into it now though….perhaps not daily just yet but as I type the big fat ‘sandy dog’ you see on the feature image is sounding adorable, suckling to my left and everyone is at rest so I am here….and hope to be back in the flow real soon. Hope you enjoyed the post, pics and vid – as always, comment share, like the SteveHax page on facebook for updates. Byeee.

p.s. No idea what to do with these puppies when they’re older, I really don’t want to have to keep them but can’t very well sell them cos10982463_10153230363588949_5403774031422746765_n of the bloodline and don’t want to give them away for fear of bad owners not valuing them. Would love them to go to friends or family…or..you know….readers of this blog – if you can love them as much as we would. Any other suggestions comment below or on the SteveHax facebook group.




So after 7 years of corporate marketing, 1 year attempting to emmigrate, and 5 years of self-employment I moved out to Bulgaria in an attempt to retire. It didn't work...yet. Now I'm on the road back to financial security, so I can get on with finishing my dream home here in Bulgaria. This blog will hopefully detail the steps I take to achieve that goal and share with my readers how they could take similar steps if they want....without the backward ones I have taken.


  1. “brings a smile to the face of anybody who is reading” would be better. x

    • stvc

      Yeah, it was 6am in the morning having not slept…is my way grammatically correct tho’ even if it’s a tad clunky?

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